Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Operate, Decide, Adapt and Collaborate your business – with SAP ERP solutions for SMEs. End to end implementation, Re-implementation, Module Implementation, Roll out, Upgrade, Enhancements...

Positioning :

  • How do you make better use of systems?
  • What else do you need in your application portfolio?
  • What more can you do with your systems?
  • How do you enhance the life of your applications?

Services Offered :

System Enhancements

Focused enhancement of the systems

Component Additions

Implementing new dimension components to augment the ERP system

Functionality Additions

Configuring new business processes in existing systems

Project Services

Full life cycle projects including implementations and upgrades

Deliverables :

  • Project Management Services
  • Functional Business Blueprints
  • System Configuration
  • System Documentation